Mupfel - The sleeping beach chair

Looking for an exciting place to sleep?

From now on at the Uhlenköper Camp it is also possible to spend the night like Ping and Wawa from the children’s book “Urmel aus dem Eis” in a sleeping beach basket. Experience an incomparable sleeping experience in these outdoor beds, now also approved for humans.

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In this outdoor bed made of Douglas fir you sleep in the middle of nature. As soon as your feet swing off the mattress, you are already outside. Equipped with an adjustable roof, it is up to you to fall asleep under the insect screen with a clear view of the stars, or rather under the closed textile roof, protected from glare and rain. The outdoor bed has two entrances and exits, which are quickly accessible with zippers.

The front entrance flap of the bed can be folded up or down, which turns the bed with a book into a lounge furniture at the NaturFreiBad on a cozy evening. Thanks to four independently adjustable stands, the outdoor bed is stable even on uneven surfaces.

This micro hut is a nice and cozy solution for those who like to spend the summer outdoors and appreciate the comfort of a bed. Escape the summer heat of the bedroom and enjoy the outdoors!

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