Conference Bike

The unique conference bike

With the conference bike, you can enjoy your free time in the Lüneburg Heath and have a chat with your fellow travelers. This is completely new and never happened before. This is how cycling in the heath region Uelzen becomes an experience.

The ride on the Conference Bike is something special:

One of you steers the bike, the others have to trust him. In addition, the sitting position is transverse or even backwards to the direction of travel: what is unusual at first, but after a short time, a real treat.

At the moment we have one of these unusual bikes. This can be rented individually or combined for a larger group with our comfortable bicycles from the bike rental. Come and experience the unique bike for up to 7 people yourself.

Conference Bike on the way at the Hundertwasserbahnhof


The price is per conference bike (7 seats)

Equipment and technology


The conference bike has a transport box in the back. Here can be stowed a lot of stuff. For a charge of 10, – €, a trailer can be rented.


The equipment also includes cup holders. These are round recesses in the diameter of beverage cans and 0.5 liter beer bottles. We do not recommend cups and barrels, because the contents are only lathered up and spilled. On order, we like to sell you cooled drinks for your  journey with pleasure.

Alkohol at the tax

The driver is a participant in public road traffic and is not allowed to drink alcohol.


The CoBi is equipped with freewheels so that not every person has to pedal all the time. Everyone can join in their pace. Thus, the CoBi is ideal for people with disabilities.

Adventure trip with the conference bike

Route planning

Adventure trip with the conference bike
Route planning

If you are planning your own route, you should note the following:

  1. The conference bike is approx. 1.85 m wide. Usually it fits on standardized bike paths. Make sure that there are no obstacles and path limitations.
  2. The paths should have a stable, best paved surface. In the long term, it is difficult to drive on sandy paths, as with normal bicycles.
  3. The paths should be at ground level. This facilitates the effort. In between, a dike or something alike, however, are welcome challenges (as on a common bike ride too).

Participants / number of people

Minimum-person  number

 You can already start the CoBi alone. In order to travel stress-free and as usual with the “normal” bike, you should occupy it already with 6, better however with 7 people. But even with 5 people you get on well. If the size of the group does not match the seats on the CoBi, you can book our comfortable bikes.


If you want to take children, they should be able to ride on a 26 inch, better even 28 inch bike (normal adult bike). However, the number of children should not exceed the number of adults for longer trips.