Rent a canoe

In addition to the guided tours, you can also rent our canoes and start a tour on your own. We bring the boats to the entry point and pick them up again at the destination of the journey. It’s all included in the price. We plan the route together with you – tailored to your ideas and personal fitness. We provide you with the necessary accessories – from paddles to waterproof bags and flow charts. And of course, you will receive appropriate instruction on how to handle the boats and how to deal with the nature.

Our boots

We drive with three- and four-seat Canadians, which can also be driven in pairs. Canadians, in contrast to kayaks, are “Indian boats” using piercing paddles. We drive always downstream. Children, including toddlers, can take part in canoe tours with adults at any age. Life jackets are compulsory for children and voluntary for adults.

Fun in the canoe for children in the summer
Fun at the canoe tour

What you should bring

For canoeing on the Ilmenau you should wear normal, comfortable casual wear. The luggage includes a second set of clothes, possibly a rain jacket and plenty of food, because paddling makes you hungry. A mobile phone is recommended for the organization of the transfer and can be accommodated as well as the clothes in our waterproof bags. You can also order packed lunches at Uhlenköper-Camp.


Canoe rental (boat transfer and eqiupment inclusive) 
People over 13 years (per day and per person) 17,- €
Children 4 to 13 years (per day) 12,- €
Family canadien for 2 adults + 2 children (per day) 46,- €
Fun at the canoe tour

Tour examples

Here you will find various tours. The times indicated are pure paddle times. In addition, you must add time for briefing, breaks and transfer. If you have any other wishes regarding the tour, please contact us.

Active and sporty: Uelzen – Bad Bevensen (Ilmenau)

22 km, ca. 5 hours

Due to the charming atmosphere of Uelzen you’ll go on tour right through the green. It goes past natural banks and woody sections. The many curves invite you to put your own paddling technique to the test and to improve it. A little prior experience and sufficient condition are therefore beneficial for this route.

Canoe tour with the whole family

Two-Rivers-Dream:Bohlsen – Uelzen

13km, ca. 3,5 hours

You will meet changing, partly wooded riparian landscape and a large variety of animals and plants on the Gerdau. In the south of Uelzen the Ilmenau then arises from the confluence of Gerdau and Stederau. From there, follow the Ilmenau on its way through Uelzens park and villa quarter. If you still want to enjoy Uelzens city center on land, you end the tour on the Ratsteich and explore the beautiful Hanseatic city.

Tour de Kur: Emmendorf – Bad Bevensen (Ilmenau)

11km, ca. 2 hours

On this tour you can relax and unwind. During the whole tour you’ll have a clear view of rural idyll. After some time, a high bridge comes into view: Steep stairs lead up to the imposing Elbe side canal. The tour ends in the spa park Bad Bevensen. There you can end the day comfortably in the Jod-Sole-Therme or drink a coffee in the nearby pedestrian zone. Also the station is just a short walk from the exit.

2-day-Trip: Bohlsen – Bad Bevensen (Gerdau and Ilmenau)

13 + 22 km

If a day of paddling is not enough, you will be pleased with the 2-day combination offer. Overnight at the Uhlenköper camp you can recover and strengthened start the second day. The combination of both rivers offers a great backdrop of different plants. Experience and enjoy nature.